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Our ERP services

Maconomy ERP

Our key competence is the implementation of the Maconomy ERP system. Since 2000 we have completed more than 80 projects in the region, which guarantees a successful and cost effective transition.

More about the ERP implementation

Maconomy ERP

TRL Hungary Ltd. provides comprehensive software support, localisation and development services for Maconomy ERP users, ensuring their up-to-date and flawless operation.

Our ERP  services in detail

Maconomy ERP

Based on the requests of our clients we offer Maconomy development services which includes making minor modifications, creating custom functions and even programming full scale Maconomy modules.

ERP development activities

ERP services: Quick and easy Deltek Maconomy implementation

We know how important it is to stay within the time and cost constraints of an enterprise resource planning system implementation project.

Deltek’s PEAK implementation methodology is based on more than 20 years of experience implementing enterprise solutions in Professional Service firms. It is built on proven best practices, captured from the knowledge of significant experience in implementations.

PEAK Implementation methodology consists of a process model with structured tasks and activities focused on project success supported by an elaborate collection of guidelines and templates. PEAK Implementation serves as a scalable framework for implementations. This means that the processes, the themes and the tools provided by PEAK are relevant for all types of implementations, and are considered at all times as defined by project complexity, client ambitions, and project team experience.

Using the PEAK method during the ERP implementation:
- reduces the overall time to benefit from the  ERP system,
- increases effective user adoption,
- mitigates the risk of implementing or migrating the Maconomy solution,
- optimises your people, processes, and technology.


ERP services: PEAK method

Download the brochure of the PEAK ERP implementation method on the Maconomy website!

Maconomy ERP system support

ERP sytem support and upgrade

The implementation of an enterprise resource planning system creates a long-term commitment for both parties, so we pay special attention to the support services of the Maconomy ERP solution. For our clients we provide continuous software support and upgrade services, ensuring the up-to-date and flawless operation of their Maconomy ERP systems.

Client requests

To handle client requests regarding the Maconomy ERP system is our priority.  Our experts examine the reported client issues and provide possible solutions, involving Deltek professionals if needed.

ERP change tracking

Deltek Inc., the proprietor of the Maconomy software follows market and technological trends globally. Their development team constantly modifies to the solution according to the client requests and technical needs. This ensures that best practices are incorporated to the Maconomy ERP solution. The Hungarian and regional localisation of Maconomy is TRL Hungary Ltd.'s responsibility with the notification of the users about changes, updates and upgrades.

ERP system IT support

TRL Hungary Ltd.'s ERP services include solution specific IT assistance for Maconomy users. Our IT experts support the Maconomy clients with any technical requests or issues arising.

For detailed information about our Maconomy ERP support services in Hungarian please click here.

Maconomy ERP custom developments

Our development team offers a wide range of ERP services to our clients: simple parameterisations, small scale and complex developments of the Maconomy solution.

We are constantly monitoring the market trends and following client needs. Deltek and TRL Hungary Ltd.'s programmers are making regular updates to the software in order to ensure that even the standard Maconomy solution is aligned with the general expectations of our clients.

TRL Hungary Ltd.'s major developments include the following:
Maconomy Media Module: integrated media solution for the marketing communication agencies
Maconomy HelpDesk: issue tracker for the standard Maconomy solution
Maconomy SmartShop: trade module for Maconomy